photo by Rachel Standifird

photo by Rachel Standifird


About the owner

I am a passionate formally trained florist.
I have taken courses at the Floral Design Institute in Portland, OR and completed several floral design courses here in Albuquerque, NM.

I opened 21 Flowers in 2015 after discovering my passion for working with fresh flowers. Each job and each arrangement is a new and fresh experience.
I took a giant leap and left my accounting job so that I could pursue floral design full time!

I am born and raised in Albuquerque and have a great knowledge of the area. Living here has informed the way I design - through the way I choose materials to what I will put in a wedding recipe.

Our climate presents unique challenges like heat and wind that must be considered when designing for an event.

I love working with people one on one and bringing creative visions to life.
I love a creative challenge!


About my suppliers and flower handling

I work with several different suppliers to get a variety of fresh flowers to work with. I utilize local wholesalers, local farms, farm-direct shipments from other countries, and non-local wholesalers. This allows me greater flexibility to get fun and interesting flowers you might not have seen before!

I follow the Chain of Life flower handling standards. This scientific standard is the best way to get high quality results from the flowers used in all of my weddings. I work with a strong emphasis on hygiene and proper storage - maintaining extremely high quality is important to me.